Final Phase


Although all the units in Bosveldsig are full-titled and all the units have been constructed with the same ornaments and roofs, all phases do not have the same age restriction. The final phase has an age restriction of over 18 years. Small pets are also allowed here and the phase’s fence has been electrified.


This phase is divided into:

•   11 larger plots (600 – 700 m²) built to the buyer’s unique specifications and taste.
•   40 smaller plots where two different sizes of “standard units” are built.

Bosveldsig Layout

Housing Units


There are 11 large plots with a western or eastern entrance, of which 4 have already been completed and occupied. The plots are on average 600 to 700 m² in size. Residents here can decide on the building style, plan and finishes. Transfer costs are included.


Price: R 400 000
Size: 600 – 700m²
Coverage: 70%
Floors: 2
Available: 7 properties

•   The property is registered on the buyer’s name after which the purchase price of the property is payable.
•   The owner may design the house or provide rough sketches and ideas, after which the architect will draw a preliminary plan.
•   All materials and finishes are the owner’s choice. If decorative stones are chosen, the project’s bricks must be used, ie Teak Travertine. P K amounts are charged to all items eg. tiles @ R 110 per m². If the owner chooses a more expensive tile, the owner is responsible for the difference.
•   The owner has 4 months to finalize his plan choices, after which construction work begins. If the owner, for whatever reason, can not continue building the property, the property will be sold after which the money will be refunded.
•   No speculation of properties is allowed.


Currently (September 2017) the average construction cost is R 7500 per m². Prices are adjusted every 4 months by our quantity surveyor. Each owner also pays for a screen wall as well as a mandatory NHBRC (National Home Builders Registration Council) state fee of 1.3% of the purchase price. Upon completion of the preliminary sketches and thorough requirements, a dated quotation will be submitted. A building contract containing the specifics of the property and building instructions and an exposition of the drawings is then drawn up for signing. The plans are now finalized and submitted to the owner for signing. Submission at the city council follows hereafter- approval takes about 4 weeks. A copy of the approved plan is then submitted to the NHBRC for registration, after which their inspectors carefully monitor the construction process. An NHBRC certificate is issued and is valid for 5 years. The guarantee only applies to construction errors. The costs relating to the drawing, submission and approval of the plans are included in the price of the property. If the owner chooses to submit the plans himself, a PK amount will apply.


The construction process takes approximately 6 to 8 months to complete. As the construction progresses, 6 payments are made at the different stages of the construction process.

1. Foundation height with slab.
2. Brickwork completed.
3. Roof completed.
4. Plaster and Ceilings.
5. Cupboards.
6. Tiles and paint.
7. Final payment upon completion.

The owner is fully involved in the construction process from start to handover of completed property.


The materials and finishes are of high quality. The structure is built with Kiaat Travertine ornamental stones and Terracotta concrete tiles for the roof. The necessary connections for a washing machine and dishwasher are provided. The kitchen is equipped with a Defy blast oven, separate plates as well as an extractor. The kitchen cabinets include a corner grocery cupboard and carousel. The walls of the kitchen and the bathrooms are tiled to the ceiling and all floors are covered with tiles. The driveway to the garage, the walking area to the front door and a part of the backyard are paved.

Double garage unit:

The layout provides for 15 double garage units, of which 12 are already completed and occupied. The unit consists of a spacious master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom, a guest room with separate bathroom, a spacious open plan living area, a kitchen with separate laundry area, a sidewalk, a double garage with an entrance directly into the unit and a small garden.

Single garage unit:

Here the layout provides for 25 single garage units, of which 16 are already completed and occupied. This unit’s layout is similar to the dual garage unit, except that it is smaller in surface and has only one garage. It also consists of a spacious master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom, a guest room with separate bathroom, a slightly smaller open plan living area, a kitchen with separate laundry area and a sidewalk.

With standard units, transfer costs are also included.

A completed single and double garage unit is available for viewing.