Four years ago we moved to Bosveldsig (Phase 1, No. 5). We can testify with great confidence that the decision brought us great satisfaction and was the happiest decision in our lives. The construction and finishing are of excellent quality and with an annual levy of 6% it is one of the most economical retirement villages we could find. There is a warm attitude among the inhabitants. Mr. Leon Baard has created a safe and secure retirement space with Bosveldsig and refuge was offered in an extremely threatening and dangerous time.

Dr. Daan Van Wyk

We got to know Bosveldsig through a friend who lives here and with whom we leave our ten year old Yorkie when our beloved four legged friend can’t go where we go. When we realized that we had to scale down on home and garden, Bosveldsig, phase 4, was a logical choice. The comfortable, compact unit with all the necessary facilities, an environment of friendly people, a town with virtually all facilities and considerably cheaper to live in as the city, has become our home. We still sleep up to three times a month in a house in Pretoria.  After the impersonality, the noise and traffic of the city, it is always a joy to return to the kindness and silence of the bushveld.

Dr. Fred Le Roux

English is rarely heard or spoken in this lovely Bushveld town of Modimolle, which is where Peter & Helen West decided to “put down roots” seven years ago, but the Afrikaans community in Bosveldsig have really gone out of their way to make them feel welcome. We discovered the retirement village of Bosveldsig quite by accident, says Peter. We are keen “Caravaners” and when we lived in Gauteng, we used to visit this area frequently to escape the “rat race”. The residences offered at Bosveldsig have all been exceptionally well built by the developers – Sukses Bouers – who obviously take a good deal of pride in their workmanship. But, says Helen (who originally hails from Yorkshire in England), the main draw-card is the peace and tranquillity of the bushveld on your doorstep. Most evenings, we are visited by a couple of duikers, a family of warthogs and the howling laugh of the silver-back jackal is present most nights.

One of the great things about the locality is that the city of Pretoria is a mere 45 minute drive away and Johannesburg is not much further, so – if there is a need to visit “the shops” they are not too far away!

Mr Peter West

It is a great privilege for us to stay here in Bosveldsig. Our homes are beautiful, comfortable, private and the people who live around us are all our comrades and so we have a lot in common. But it is especially the lovely temperate winters and the beautiful bushveld that makes our stay so exceptional.

All the hesitation to leave behind the known and old friends was an unnecessary concern! We are just happier every day.

Mr Cas Vos